Grow your business with social media

Are you struggling to communicate with current and prospective customers on social?

As a business owner, you know “being on social media” is supposed to help grow your business. But so far, maybe you haven’t seen a lot of success. You don’t have a lot of followers and you can’t see how posting about #nationaldonutday is going to get you more customers.

Let Social Media House teach you and your team how to do social media, right. Nobody can talk about your business better than those who know it best, you and your team… bring social media in-house! Take control of the way you measure up to your competitors by doing it yourself, with our expertise to guide you. Social Media House will give you the tools to turn a lukewarm prospect into a client with the right content, communication and online presence.

Start capturing missed opportunities and stop wasting time!


How it works

We will teach you and your team how to use social media effectively. We’ll help your business comes up with a killer social media strategy, show you how to plan and execute - and we’ll even teach you all the agency tricks to help you make an impact on social media. 

Learn how to:

  • Build your social identity 

  • Manage communication so you aren’t missing questions that end up in your social inboxes

  • Navigate all the details of your chosen social platforms, like how to change the settings and what they even are

  • Create audience personas to better identify your customers

  • Optimize your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles

  • Create custom content

  • Shoot your own photos and videos

  • Post on social media (including best times, hashtag strategies, geo-tagging and more!)

  • Build a content calendar, so you’re not working on the fly

  • Grow your accounts

  • Get your content in front of more eyeballs

  • Use social listening tools to find out what your potential customers are looking for and where they are hiding

  • Use a little media spend to make a huge impact on social media

And so much more. 

Have a basic understanding of running social media and are looking to improve? Great. We figure out your skill level and work from there.


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