How PrOATein Disrupted the Health Food Industry in Canada


 Who is PrOATein?

PrOATein Bar is the fastest-growing protein bar in Canada. It’s gluten free, nut free and all-natural, made in Canada and available on Amazon, and GNC - as well as several other prominent e-commerce platforms.

Health food is a saturated market, so Jiries Rabba, founder of PrOATein, knew he had to do things right if he were to find any traction in such a competitive space. Protein bars usually equate poor taste and texture, with high fat and high sugar components: overall, not very tasty and not very good for you. So Rabba focused on combatting that issue head-on.  All PrOATein bars are made with whey isolate, oats and date paste at their base, with 15 grams of protein, 10 grams of fibre and 9 grams of sugar. ProATein bars are competitively priced and safe for both adults and children.

Since PrOATein’s launch in January 2016, they’ve disrupted the marketplace winning awards for taste and nutritional benefit, and can be found in over 1200 stores across Canada.

The Problem

PrOATein needed to find a foothold in the health food market. Their potential consumer base was too broad so their identity was muddled. They had difficulty connecting to their audience because they didn’t know how to speak to them. They had zero social presence while competitors had been trusted for many years.


  • Breaking into a saturated market

  • Zero social presence

  • Brand new CPG

  • Strategizing the people to go after

The Goals

They hired us to help them clean up their brand identity, build credibility through social media and searchability, and establish a content strategy that would speak to their audience - in order to improve sales and forge a path to success in their market.

What We Did

We showed them how to:

  • Narrow down their target audience to effectively market their product

  • Get their products in over 1200 physical Canadian locations

  • Launch their products on huge e-commerce platforms Amazon, and GNC

  • Leveraged the audiences of influencers within their newly identified market to improve sales and brand awareness

We also helped them:

  • Build their social profiles, following and online presence

  • Strategically plan and create content that would resonate with their audience

  • Build daily social media checklists for brand managers

  • Boost posts and run social ads for Facebook and Instagram

  • Get their product on the first page of Google


When we finished working with PrOATein, they had the knowledge, strategy and practical capability to execute digital and social marketing campaigns on their own. Their social proof has skyrocketed on Instagram and Facebook and they have strong ambassador partners which continue to propel the brand forward.