Step 4: Communication Strategy

Reach out via DM or email. We’ve developed a formula for simple, effective outreach that gets results. Do not exceed 6 sentences. No one has time to read an essay.

  1. Say hi.

  2. BRIEFLY introduce yourself

  3. Compliment/ compare brands. “We loved that post you did about...”

  4. THE ASK (one sentence)

  5. Provide contact information

Here’s an actual example of an outreach we did on behalf of Dymatize Canada:

Hey [name]!

I’m [name], the Community Manager of Dymatize Canada’s social team. We’re a supplement brand based in Toronto and are looking for a couple of fitness influencers to work with our brand. I really liked the post you made last week about the right kind of diet for intense training and would love to chat with you about opportunities to represent our brand. If you have any interest, please shoot me an email at [email].



Step 5: Coordinating Campaign

After you’ve found your influencer and reached out…

  1. Outline the deliverables on both sides. Make sure they know what you want from them and ensure they know what you’ll be compensating them with – whether it is a product or a pay check.

  1. Prepare hype for the campaign by posting about it. Instagram Stories is a great place to push that hype. Make sure your community is pumped.

  2. Campaign Launch! Start tracking metrics that relate to your goal such as traffic to the website, followership increase, impressions and so on. Make sure you share all posts or created content across all of your channels.

Step 6: Measure Results

Thank the influencer, provide compensation and make sure you receive all original photos and videos. You’ll be able to use them later.

Now take a deep dive into your analytics and find out what worked best. Some important metrics to consider in your reporting are:

Website Traffic
Sales Data
Social Media Growth
Influencer Insights

That’s it.

Influencer campaigns are truly one of the most effective marketing techniques of 2019, and will only continue to grow in the next few years. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into all this, email our founder at