SMH leverages Social Proof to launch Dymatize Supplements in Canadian Market 

Who is Dymatize?

In the fitness world, Dymatize is synonymous with premium sports nutrition products. Founded in 1994, it has developed into an industry behemoth, producing high-quality supplements to millions of fitness fanatics and athletes across the world. Today, you can purchase over 250 Dymatize SKUs in over 50 countries across the globe.

The Problem

Dymatize was growing rapidly across the USA but seemed to lose traction when dabbling in other markets. They put together a small team to launch the brand in Canada, and needed someone with knowledge of the industry as well as a thorough understanding of digital and social marketing, to help them succeed.

The Goals

They hired us to come up with a strategy to help them break into this new market and to teach them how to manage their online presence - in order to increase sales and visibility within Canada.

What We Did

We taught them how to leverage their US social proof to:

  • Build relationships with gym owners and supplement stores

  • Get their products sold in over 1000 physical Canadian locations

  • Launch their products on huge e-commerce platforms such as Popeyes,, and Amazon Canada

  • Run influencer campaigns and launch ambassador programs

  • Launch new product campaigns including tradeshows and promotional materials for existing b2b clients

We also helped them:

  • Optimize their CAD social media profiles

  • Strategically plan and create content based on their particular target audience

  • Build daily social media checklists for brand managers

  • Boost posts and run social ads for Facebook and Instagram


When we finished working with Dymatize, they had the knowledge, strategy and practical capability to execute digital and social marketing campaigns on their own. Dymatize products are now sold in over 1000 physical Canadian locations, and they have strong relationships with industry titans like Popeye’s and