how to use instagram for your business

How to use Instagram Stories Effectively

10 tips on using Instagram Stories for Business:

  1. Post stories as often as you can. Most brands try to post once a day. 

  2. Unless you have the time and budget to produce a show, the content in your stories can be treated as “behind the scenes” of your business. Since the content disappears after 24 hours, it can be as generic as a staff member’s birthday or work on new projects, or really, whatever you can produce lots of, easily.

  3. You can also repurpose content for stories, so reuse some of the same photos or videos a few weeks or months later. 

  4. Utilize the features that promote engagement like polls or questions. Users like to engage with the brands they care about, but only if you make it easy for them. These features also help you find out what your customers/audience want more of. You can quite literally ask them what kind of content they’d like to see, how frequently and in what format. The people who respond will be the ones who actually watch and engage with your content, so listening to them can be really helpful.

  5. Use stories to share posts from other people, especially customers or industry partners. It really helps build the community. 

  6. Repost tagged photos and stories in your stories. It’s a great way to showcase work or mentions from happy clients.

  7. Utilize the “highlights” sections to categorize and save your content since it disappears after 24 hours. Separate that content under categories like “clients” or “life at [brand name]”

  8. Use the “locations” function when you post stories by tagging your location. This will hugely improve your reach as Instagram will populate your content under that location’s story. That means anyone in your general area can see your story even if they don’t follow you.

  9. Hashtags for stories work the same way.

  10. Use video as much as you can. Here, you can get away with unproduced, rough video more-so than on your feed.