How to Use IGTV for Business

Instagram released IGTV last year as a secondary platform, complimenting the original post based one. It’s Instagram's “way of disrupting the traditional TV experience”. It was designed with creators at the forefront, allowing influencers and creatives to share longer-form content as a competitor to google owned youtube.

Why should I use IGTV?

Businesses are jumping on the bandwagon by using the platform as a lead generation tool. More than ever, content marketing is crucial to your online marketing strategy. By prioritizing your relationship with your audience (building trust, providing value) you can leverage the power of IGTV to build brand, expand your online presence and ultimately, get more clients and customers. 

At this time, there are no ads on IGTV which means more and more users are flocking to the platform for uninterrupted video experiences.


How does it work?

IGTV works as a separate channel to your IG account and IG stories, kind of like your very own YouTube channel. It is its own platform with its own set of rules.

Access the platform by tapping the tv button on your screen (see left). From there, you can add your own videos or explore other videos, much the same as Instagram’s main platform. Alternatively, you can download the IGTV app and login directly. 

How can I use IGTV?

  • All IGTV videos must be under 10 minutes (unless your account is verified)

  • Share longer-form content that relates to your brand. Treat it as a portfolio.

  • Answer questions and teach your audience about your industry

  • Go vertical. As much as you can. Shooting directly from your phone or cropping the orientation and uploading in vertical format optimizes the content for the platform and makes it easier to digest. As of July 2019, you can use vertical video, but portrait works better on mobile.

  • IGTV works best as a vehicle into the life of you or your business. No editing required.

  • Make sure you upload a photo or use a shot from the video as a thumbnail. Add it during the upload process or you can’t add one later. 

  • Label the video with an engaging, simple title outlining what it’s about 

The kinds of content you can share is as varied as the brands that use it. Make your content valuable by informing, entertaining or inspiring. 

What other brands are using IGTV?

A few great examples of IGTV content include Netflix’s celebrity features, Mejuri’s how-to videos, and ESPN’s behind the scenes interviews.

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To learn more about IGTV read Instagram’s press release here.