Content Marketing 101

Content Marketing is really simple: it’s using what you already know to market your brand for free. Here’s how to do it yourself:

  1. Identify your audience

  2. Figure our what value you can provide

  3. Explain it to them

  4. Give it to them


Your audience is anyone you want attention from. In a lot of instances, it is your customers - but it can also be people that will share your content to your customers, potential vendors, partners and those who just add to your credibility. 

Example: You are a Graphic Designer and your customer is Realtors. Your audience can include agents, property management, brokerages, interior designers and so on.


The best piece of value you can provide to fill the needs of your audience, are your “secrets.” People want a reliable source for industry information, news, tricks of the trade and so forth.
Often the idea of giving away those “secrets” is met with reluctance. Why would I tell them how to do the service I am providing? It’s a strange misconception that has been embedded into our society.  The truth is, most people don’t have either the time, patience or skills to actually follow through with your information. People also like to understand - so if they “sort of get” how it works, they are far more likely to hire someone because they understand the need. 

There will be people who take your ideas and run with them. That’s just a numbers game. Acknowledge that not everyone is a customer and not everyone should be.  Those who do actually value your input and use it, will still bring back a ton of value in referrals and credibility.


Make a piece of content (video, podcast, written form, etc) that walks your audience through a process, step-by-step. Make sure to highlight all of the hacks, tips and so forth with straightforward, exercisable actions.

The NUMBER ONE KEY is that the step-by-step guide doesn’t finish with “hire me.” That is the fastest way to discrediting your information. It needs to remain stand-alone without you

Example: You do graphic designs for real estate agents: create a step by step guide on how to make posters/flyers on the app Canva. 


Find out where your audience is spending time and get your “info” in front of them. Because you’re not selling anything, more people will actually share and distribute it. 

Some Examples of Where to Share:

  • Connect with ppl on linkedin 

  • Fb groups (get permission from the administrator) 

  • LinkedIn groups (get permission from the administrator) 

  • Email directly

  • Posting it on all your own social channels

  • Offer it to bloggers/podcasts as guest content

So that’s the gist of it. Questions? Shoot our founder an email at We’ll be happy to share our “secrets.”