4 Things Social Media House is Doing Differently

At its foundation, we’re a digital marketing and consulting agency designed to improve marketing inefficiencies, increase ROI and provide insight on what works and what doesn’t in all elements of our clients’ marketing — so they can focus on operational functionality, making their customers happy, and doing what it is they actually do.

That being said, a lot of digital marketing agencies are pretty good at what they do.

Here are 5 things SMH is doing differently:

  1. Hyper customization. We craft a mix of social ad campaigns and training based on the specific goals of our clients, to help them get where they need to be as efficiently as possible. We’re good at it because we’ve worked with hundreds of clients across dozens of different industries. The parallels across industries allow us to have a broader understanding of what can work, where.

  2. We’re all about value. Like teaching people #DIYMarketing and offering up a ton of tangible, actionable information on running your own social media accounts, social media marketing and digital advertising through our blog, social feeds, podcast and youtube channel. Seriously, if you want to learn how to run marketing campaigns, grow your social media accounts, build Facebook and Instagram ads or run influencer marketing - you can learn how to do everything yourself.

  3. We do workshops and custom strategy sessions for social media, literally training teams and individuals how to create social media content, manage social media accounts, and run social marketing and advertising. We’re putting the power of social communications back into the hands of business owners - who are the ones who know their brand's voice, direction and essence, best. It’s actually a pretty unique product - since most agencies are looking to take on more clients, not teach them how to be independent.

  4. Lean Marketing. Media buy doesn't necessarily equate ROI. In the beginning, we didn’t have a lot of money to play with so we learned how to get very good at leveraging small amounts of money to get good returns. We’re efficient as hell and it’s earned us a really good reputation.

Since launching in August 2015, we tripled our revenue after our first year - and doubled that the next.  We’ve worked with over 300 brands and businesses across dozens of industries. We are recognized as a top Branding Agency on DesignRush, and have built a name for ourselves in the digital marketing world - and we’re just getting started.