Take A Peek Inside the SMH Toolbox

As a small business, we really rely on our tools.

They help us be efficient, solve problems, accomplish tasks and essentially, manage our entire day from top to bottom. Here are some of our favourite tools and apps we can’t live without.



Photo & Video Editing

  • Adobe Creative Cloud – The Creative Cloud has everything you need, from photo editing (Lightroom) to photo manipulating (Photoshop) to graphic creation (Spark Post, which is free!) to video editing (Premiere). But it is quite expensive and there’s definitely a learning curve for each of their programs. Luckily there are lots of more feasible alternatives, such as…


  • VSCO – An app for photo editing and sharing. You can add filters over photos in the app, or buy their filters to use on other photo editing software.


  • Canva – This is graphic design made easy! Canva is essentially a free, simplified photo editing tool where you can create any kind of graphic that fits on any social platform.


  • Snapseed – Another photo editor, but with a bit more serious editing capabilities that would rival Photoshop itself.


  • A Color Story – A neat tool that combines photo editing and content planning. Upload your photos, edit them, and then preview your Instagram grid to see how your content will look when it’s live. This is great for helping achieve a consistent aesthetic. (We love this app!)


  • Word Swag – Create graphics and add professional-looking custom typography quickly and easily to your creations.


  • Videoshop – An advanced video editing app that’s much quicker and simpler to use than iMovie or Premiere, but with all the same capabilities. You can also add music, compile multiple clips, add transitions, and trim your video to fit on any social platform.


  • CutStory – A video editing tool that cuts long videos into shorter clips so you can post them to your Instagram story.



Stock Photos


  • www.reshot.com – Hand-picked images that don’t look like stock photos. The library is smaller, but in our opinion, the quality is better.


  • www.gratisography.com – Not your average stock photo site! Find your quirky, eye-catching images here.



  • www.pngimg.com – Tons of PNG images available to download for free, so you don’t have to waste time cutting out an image.



Useful Websites

  • www.socialblade.com – Social Blade gives you analytics for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. You get access to global analytics for anyone or any brand on any of the aforementioned social platforms, which is helpful for finding influencers or seeing which practices are useful for growing an account.


  • www.ninjalitics.com – Ninjalitics lets you check out the Instagram analytics of any account, so you can monitor your own account, your clients’ accounts, or your competitors.


  • www.influence.co – Discover Instagram influencers and check out their analytics. You can search by category, by follower size, by location, or by reach.


  • www.contest.agorapulse.com – Agorapulse lets you run contests on Facebook right on your timeline. Select which post you want to use as a contest post, choose the type of contest, set the winning parameters and choose a winner, all through this free web tool.



Social Media Management

  • Hootsuite  A dashboard for managing all your social media content across most platforms. Schedule posts, track engagement and listen in on conversations happening online. One bummer: Hootsuite doesn’t auto-post on Instagram, but instead sends a reminder that it’s time to post. You’ll have to manually post to Instagram.


  • Grum – Schedules AND posts on Instagram for you. That’s right – Grum doesn’t send a reminder to post on Instagram, it posts for you. Bonus: you can post a comment as well, so you can nest your hashtags in a comment when the post goes live, instead of writing them in the caption.


  • Linktree – Gives you the ability to use that one precious “link in bio” on Instagram to link out to multiple places. It’s perfect if you have lots of content you’re trying to drive followers to.


  • Snug – Snug lets you upload your content and preview your Instagram grid before you post so you can get an idea of how it will look once it’s live.