How To Edit Video for Social Media

There’s no doubt that social media is jam-packed with video content. Over 90% of mobile users watch videos on their phones every day, and according to a 2018 HubSpot survey, that isn’t even enough for consumers – 54% said they want to see more video content from brands they support.

So posting video content is a good idea, but you’ll want to make sure your videos are easily consumable. Here are 6 important tips to remember when editing video content for social media:

Check your content

We like watching video content, but what that actually means is we like watching goodvideo content (read: attention-grabbing, simple, and easy to consume). Firstly, and most importantly, your content has to be interesting and serve a purpose for your audience. It can be an ad, an announcement, or something as simple as a funny video for laughs, but it has to have a clear objective. So before continuing, make sure your content checks those boxes.

Know your audience

For your post to be successful, you have to know who you’re speaking to and what they’re looking for from you. Ask yourself if your content answer a question or solves a problem, and if the answer is no, you probably want to rejig your content.

Your audience also determines the length and style of your video. Should it be perfectly polished or should it look homemade? Should it be quick and to the point or long and informational? Really understanding your audience will answer these questions.

Know your platform

Every social media platform handles video differently, so consider repurposing your content for each platform. Readers are looking for different experiences when they log into Instagram versus Twitter, not to mention the optimal video length differs per platform. For example, Twitter users want short, bite-sized videos that are 10 seconds or less, whereas Instagram and Facebook users don’t mind sticking around for longer content.

Grab attention quick

Yes, this is said over and over on every blog post about social media tips, but it’s true: we have no attention span. You have 7 seconds at best and 3 seconds at worst to capture and keep your viewer’s attention. Use your customer profile to make an educated guess about what will work. What do they care about? How will they emotionally react to an image or concept? How can you stop them in their tracks and get them to watch more?

Add captions

In order to have an easily consumable video, you have to make it accessible for everyone, no matter how they watch. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, so captions are the easiest way to retain your audience’s attention. Plus, there are studies that suggest people retain information when it’s presented with text and imagery together, rather than just text or just an image. Just beware of auto captions – always proofread before posting!

Use the right tools

Videos don’t need to be expertly shot and edited these days, so fancy editing software is not necessary! There are tons of apps out there that can trim and resize your video in a pinch, or add voiceover, graphics, or text. (We really love Videoshop!)