How To Create Eye Catching Graphics For Social Media

Whether you’re creating a graphic for a digital ad, a blog post, or a Facebook post, you want it to have that “thumb-stopping” power that will get people to stop scrolling and pay attention. With so much visual content online these days, it’s tough to get your audience to engage. Research shows having the right image can increase engagement by 96%, so the extra effort is definitely worth it.


Here are five simple tips to follow when creating your next graphic:


1. Choose the right size

Make sure your graphic will fit on whatever platform you’re pushing it to – each platform sizes and optimizes differently. Using a vertical or square layout is the safest bet when creating a graphic. Check out our guideline.


2. Use the right colours

Having a colourful graphic is key. Research shows colour increases readers’ attention span and recall by 82%. But don’t go overboard and choose wild colours for the sake of being loud. Stay consistent with your brand, or choose a colour palette that has a bit of a pop.


3. Use whitespace

Whitespace is all of the space in your graphic around your subject, and it’s super important when creating professional-looking graphics. Don’t crowd your image – let it breathe and give your viewer’s eyes a place to rest.

(Which one is easier to look at?)



4. Go easy on the text

One of the main benefits of using visual content is that it quickly catches the viewer’s attention, so let your graphic do the heavy lifting. Studies show visuals are processed 600,000 times faster than text, so sticking with a short message (i.e. a blog post title or a brand tagline) is key.

(Facebook’s 20% text rule grid is a good rule of thumb)


5. Stay on brand

Keeping a cohesive and consistent style is a great way to increase brand familiarity and create a professional look. Choose your colours, fonts and layout according to your brand, but strive to be creative and original.