Rappers/Artists - How to Get Cheaper Social Media Boosting

This Technique Works For All Types of Music and Artists

This article will teach you how to:

  • Drive down the cost of boosted posts on Instagram and Facebook

  • Find the right audience, faster

As an artist, your business goals boil down to building a following and leveraging that attention to sell your music. Whether through shows, albums or anything else  – you are always looking for people who appreciate your content.

With so much content published on social media, music streaming services, youtube and other platforms, building hype and getting your music out there can be expensive as f*ck. How do you build a following without going broke? This article will show you what has worked for us.

Facebook and Instagram are platforms you’re likely already building a following through. With over a billion users on Instagram as of June 2018 and nearly double that on Facebook, getting your content in front of your audience is tougher than ever. Organically, less than 10% of your following sees your content in their news feeds and pushing it in front of new people is tougher than ever.

So how do you maximize your efforts so that the money you do invest get the best return?

Lookalike audiences.

What does that mean?

Lookalike audiences are new audiences based on similar interests, demographics and traits – built out of pre-existing data sources. They identify people in your current “audience” and then find more people that are similar; people who are highly likely to also enjoy your music. This pre-existing baseline can come from pretty much anywhere such as current followers, website visitors, custom lists uploaded to Facebook, and so on.

What is the best way to do it?

The most current and up to date people are the people who engage with your content, so find those people and start there. Many people use “people that follow my page” to build their audience. The problem is that the people who started following you, in the beginning, may not be relevant anymore. So dig deeper.

Ok great, so how do I use this?

  1. Facebook Business

    – You need to have a business account to start. You can set up a business account at  business.facebook.com. Go through the registration process and then move your existing pages into the profile. To read more on how to do this, read HootSuite’s article here.

  2. Build The Engagement Audience 

    This step will pool all of the people that engage with your content in one place. This audience can also be used to send a second layer of content to the people that are already paying attention to you. Follow these simple steps.


    • Go to business.facebook.com

    • Click the Burger Menu and select “Audiences”

    • Then click the blue button to Create Audience Select “Custom Audience”

    • Then “Engagement”

    • You will want to create one for both “Facebook Page” and “Instagram Business Profile”

    • Choose your page from the drop-down and select “People Who Engage with Any Post or Ad”

    • Leave the date as 365, Name the audience “Facebook Engagement Audience”

    • Then Save!


  3. Create The Look-Alike Audience 

    Now that you have those people together, create a look-alike so that Facebook and Instagram can find people who are most similar to those people. 

    • While still in audiences…

    • Click the blue button to Create Audience

    • Select “Lookalike Audience”

    • Source: Choose the custom audience you made in the step above

    • Location: Country that the audience primarily lives

    • Audience size: 1%

    • You should also create a 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5%

  4. Use The Audience To Boost Content 

    While you are boosting existing content or creating ads/dark posts in ad manager you can now target people who are most similar to your current engaged audience. 

  • In Ad Manager click “Create Ad”

  • Select “Engagement Ad”

  • In the “Audience” section, pick the “1% Lookalike.” 


  • Run the ad at $5-10 per day to start. If it works, increase it after a week


We have seen the cost per action drop by up to 90% by using this technique

Staying ahead of already saturated social platforms can be the difference between blowing up and mediocrity, so take this seriously. This spring, we’ve been focusing on helping hip-hop artists with their brands and have already applied this technique to several artists we work with. The results? Incredible success and huge growth. To learn more about digital marketing for hip-hop artists, shoot us an email! mike@socialmediahouse.to