Have you ever looked at a brand’s social platforms and were totally wowed by their reach, aesthetic and vibe? They aren’t magicians – they just know what they are doing.  You can too! Social Media House offers custom social media training courses and workshops that can teach you how to #DIY. 

SMH will train and consult on the best practices for producing content for social. We’ll develop a customized content strategy to grow your business. We will teach you engagement strategies, sharing techniques and much more, so you will successfully grow your brand.

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We also offer full-service social marketing to grow your brand!


Communication is the foundation to a successful client relationship, and the social media marketing training SMH offers are custom made for you. There is no cookie-cutter approach as we work with our clients to offer them unique social marketing training unlike anyone else, so there are no pre-packaged ideas. It is a step-by-step process setting you up for success.

    Personal Brand Playbook

    Learn how to grow your audience and generate leads for your personal brand. We take a deep dive into who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish, customizing a content mix and best practices guide: your very own “playbook” for your brand. We also provide ongoing consultations to keep you grounded as you #DIY.

    Social Marketing Training

    SMH specializes in taking your brand from meh to magical by deep-diving into who you really are, how to get that message across through your content – and then putting it in front of the right people.

    Our social marketing training teaches you all that – and more.

    DIY Content Creation

    What is content and how do you make your own? Our content development team comes in-house to teach your staff how to create branded content for social media, your website and blog. We’ll work with you to create your Content Qualifying Grid – a unique formula, applied to every piece of content you distribute – so your quality and brand values are always reflected in your work.


    We teach workshops based on a variety of different topics, including Facebook Business 101, the basics of Influencer Marketing and more. If you want your staff to keep up-to-date with social marketing strategies, or learn more yourself – these workshops are for you.

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Our Services

While SMH is now a social media marketing training agency, we started as a service based-company. In addition to offering consulting, we will always serve our clients and support them along the way by providing them with full-service ad campaigns, social media management, content creation and influencer campaigns.  Our purpose is for you to succeed.

    Ad Campaigns & Management

    Hand-built, never automated marketing campaigns customized for your brand, audience and business goals. We believe in lean advertising, which means less spend more in-depth monitoring and tweaking.

    Content Creation

    We write and edit articles, blog posts, social captions, videography, photography and so forth – helping you produce ongoing content to build your brand, for your particular business goals. If you’re looking for unique original content, shoot us a message.

    Influencer Campaigns

    We run successful campaigns that promote anything from new product launches to nationwide ambassador searches. Our team coordinates and executes campaigns from inception to the final deliverables, handling all communication and reporting throughout.

    Social Management

    We offer social media posting and community management including creating your monthly social calendars, engagement strategy and posting. We also manage boosting posts to accelerate your reach and brand presence.

    Short-Term Social Management Takeover

    Need a short-term takeover? We specialize in taking a quick deep-dive into your brand and recreating that voice. If your in-house staff is taking a holiday, or you need someone to fill a gap for a few weeks or a few months, we can help. Turn your vacation-mode on without worrying about being smothered by the algorithm while you’re away.


    Whether your brand needs an hour a month or weekly consulting, we customize our package to your consulting needs. Want us to look over your social calendar every month? We can do that. Need eyes on your captions, grid or blog articles? Is your Google Adwords or Facebook campaign not running as smoothly as you’d like? Let us do an audit and tell you how you can optimize your marketing.

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Looking for more information or pricing? Ready to up your social marketing game? Let us know what you’re looking for and we are happy to help.

Contact Mike Moll directly at (647) 390-6464 mike@socialmediahouse.to