You aren’t born with the ability to ride a bike; you start with training wheels and gradually graduate to riding solo.

SMH is your business’s training wheels for social marketing. Everybody is on their phones, and you need to know how to speak to your audience by giving them the best story and content.  With easy-to-understand strategies, we teach clients about targeted sharing, engagement strategy, paid organic sharing techniques and more. Every brand is unique and needs their own custom, practical and actionable strategy. Nothing we do is cookie-cutter.

The SMH team is made up of creative strategists, graphic designers, content creators and online marketing specialists who will not only perfect your brand’s voice and message but also teach you how to do it yourself. 


Our Team

The SMH team is made up of remarkable individuals from multiple industries. Our diversity provides a unique power, unconventional approach and fresh perspective. We do what we love and love what we do.

  • Mike Moll

    Mike Moll


    Mike Moll has helped over 100 small businesses grow their online presence. Mike is the genius behind our Ad Strategy and personally monitors the health of all our campaigns. He also is the lead for all training programs and workshops, making it his duty to know the ins and outs of each of our clients’ brands so we can collectively tell their story. To learn more about Mike Moll, check out his personal blog here.

  • Jessica Moll-Olivera

    Jessica Moll-Olivera

    Operations Manager

    Jess is our operations manager: basically the glue that keeps us all together. She is a registered vet-tech turned Adwords genius. She joined forces with Mike as his personal assistant in 2016. She barely knew how to use google, but was such a self starter that she learned pretty much everything there is to know about Adwords, marketing and keeping Mike organized. Today, Jess keeps everyone on track with scheduling and our ad campaigns.

  • Jenni Davies

    Jenni Davies

    Creative Director

    Jenni was born a storyteller. With experience in social media strategy, brand development and writing, she joined SMH full-time in January 2018. On top of managing the social platforms of our brands, she heads the content strategy for our workshops, designing creative ways to produce and distribute our client’s content. Jenni can take your brand and turn it into a story that is both refreshingly unique and relatable, in an already saturated market.

  • Chelsea Smales

    Chelsea Smales


    Chelsea took the plunge into SMH with hopes of regaining a work/life balance – enticed by the rest of our team. Head of Administration and Research, she’s a master of googling. So, when tasked with finding solutions or answers, she gets results.

  • Sara Hanafi

    Sara Hanafi

    Graphic Design & Content

    Sara is our lead Graphic Designer and a talented artist. In 2017, she realized her experience in social media strategy could be combined with her knack for writing and doodling to make her a top notch graphic designer. She pivoted roles and joined the team in January 2018 and hasn’t looked back since.

  • Pia Graham

    Pia Graham

    Content Creation & Photography

    Pia Graham is our Junior Content Creator and Photographer, currently finishing her Bachelor of Design from OCAD University. We keep her busy with pretty much all our overflow – plunging her into the depths of the digital marketing world, head first. One of her first big projects was to design our logo and brand playbook.

Our Clients

SMH works with a diverse range of business and industries. As a result, we provide creative and fresh ideas for each new client. We listen to your needs and devise client-specific strategies, offering a unique perspective on the best content strategy, every time. We are happy to walk you through our case studies.

What We Do

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