About SMH

Are you using social media effectively? Looking to boost your online presence and generate more business? Do you understand the power of social branding? Social media is the space people live in. It's the future of consumer communication and lead generation.

SMH is a social media training and consulting company whose mission is teaching brands how to get themselves out there with the power of marketing. Our team will build your online presence to get in front of your audience with our full-service social marketing techniques - and we’ll train you how to do it yourself!

81% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts.

- Forbes

What We Do

Have you ever looked at a brand’s social platforms and were totally wowed by their reach, aesthetic and vibe? They aren’t magicians – they just know what they are doing.  You can too! Social Media House offers custom social media training courses and workshops that can teach you how to #DIY. 

SMH will train and consult on the best practices for producing content for social. We’ll develop a customized content strategy to grow your business. We will teach you engagement strategies, sharing techniques and much more, so you will successfully grow your brand.

Need ongoing help?

We also offer full-service social marketing to grow your brand!

Communication is the foundation to a successful client relationship, and the social media marketing training SMH offers are custom made…
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Our Services
While SMH is now a social media marketing training agency, we started as a service based-company. In addition to offering…
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Looking for more information or pricing? Ready to up your social marketing game? Let us know what you’re looking for and we are happy to help.

Contact Mike Moll directly at (647) 390-6464 mike@socialmediahouse.to